Holiday Season

At the Wall Works we offer many great gift ideas! Vinyl lettering is an easy and  inexpensive way to give the perfect gift to anyone.  We also have a full time custom design team that can create the perfect custom vinyl just for you, all for no charge.  Since we ship the same business day, you are able to get your vinyl lettering or vinyl decals very, very quickly. Feel free to browse our pre-made designs or quotes and if you need just a little help putting something together, contact us.

Vinyl Lettering for the Laundry Room from The Wall Works

If there is one room in the house that is generally neglected with it comes to decor it’s probably the laundry room.  After all, what can you do to decorate a laundry room?  Well, at The Wall Works we offer free design consultation with our in house professionals.  We also have a “laundry room” tab on the site that allows you to browse a few pre-made designs.  The possibilities are really endless.  Vinyl is great for the walls or to label the detergent bin.  Please feel free to email us if you have an idea in mind and would like a little help. The Wall Works has many unique, elegant, and original designs to help you decorate those difficult rooms of your home, such as the laundry room, kitchen, bathroom, or  bedroom.  Vinyl lettering can be applied to almost any clean surface, and it’s removable without damaging paint.  When you get tired of one saying, take it off and replace it with another.  The Wall Works vinyl lettering is so inexpensive that it allows you to change them as frequently as you’d like, but high quality enough to keep them forever if you wish.

The Perfect Holiday Decorations

At The Wall Works, we just love the holiday season. Vinyl Lettering is the perfect accent for your decorations for all seasons. You can create ghosts, candy corn, spiders, etc for Halloween. Turkeys, pilgrims, and cornucopia etc. for Thanksgiving. And Santa Claus, presents, Christmas trees etc. for Christmas. Send us a picture or an idea of what you would like and we’ll send images and some ideas of what we can create for you within 24 hours.  Vinyl lettering can be removed without tearing wallpaper or removing paint from your walls. Vinyl also makes the perfect gift. At The Wall Works, we would love to help you celebrate the holidays by decorating in inexpensive, high quality vinyl.

Vinyl Lettering Projects

Vinyl lettering is a craft project that is easy to do, and easy to undo. To install vinyl lettering you create your design, remove the protective backing and then apply it to almost any surface. To remove a vinyl project, apply moderate heat with a hand-held hair dryer, and the vinyl should come right off. Vinyl does not create a mess on the adhered surface, and anyone in the family can get involved in vinyl lettering projects.

    On the Walls

  1. Vinyl lettering can help you to put signs and information on the walls of your home that make a unique presentation. In your child’s bedroom you can put their name on the wall in large letters, list their favorite cartoon characters or include the name of their favorite sports star. Instead of buying a plaque with a saying on it for the kitchen, you could create the saying in vinyl and install it directly on the wall. You can add names and captions to pictures mounted on the walls, directions to important rooms such as the bathroom and the kitchen and you can thank everyone for visiting your home with a vinyl sign by the door.
  2. Glass Block

  3. Glass blocks can be used to make fascinating vinyl lettering projects. You can use the standard window glass blocks as bookends with your initials on them in vinyl, or as door stops with a your family name on them. You can get vinyl that looks like frosted etching and make some beautiful signs of someone’s initials, or even your favorite number. Place a light behind your glass blocks to add to the effect. Try differently colored bulbs to see which one looks the best. You can put your design on a hollow glass block and place a candle inside for added effect.
  4. Wood Blocks

  5. By doing something as simple as cutting a piece of wood into blocks, you can create a home project that will add color and beauty to your home. Make a block for each member of the family, mount a picture on each block and then write the person’s name in vinyl. The advantage of vinyl is that you can create and cut the entire design as one piece. This may be easier than trying to paint a person’s name on the block by hand. You can also make smaller blocks with individual letters on them as play blocks for your children.

Custom Lettering for your Mailbox


Custom vinyl lettering and decals is available for your mailbox in a variety of complimentary colors. The possibilities are endless and you control the look and feel by selecting the font and color.

Many community associations, private developments and developers have created a signature for their homes by selecting a style of mailbox post, color of mailbox and lettering layout to incorporate throughout the entire development. This uniformity creates an image for the community and adds a great street scape to every home in the development. Feel free to email us with a picture and our custom design team can replicate it into custom vinyl for you.

We have a number of customers throughout the country that have added their own personal unique touch by adding their last name or even a small decal. As always, if you can’t seem to find exactly what you are looking for on our site, we have access to thousands and thousands or images as well as a full time professional design staff.

20% off ALL Vinyl Lettering Orders

At The Wall Works we are offering 20% off all vinyl lettering orders.  All you need to do is send us a picture of how you’ve used our vinylWe have been amazed at the creativity and endless uses for our custom vinyl lettering at The Wall Works. Please continue to send us pictures of your wonderful creations and in return we’ll send you a coupon code for 20% off your next order (no limit).  Hurry because time is limited.  Thank you to all of our loyal customers!  Please send your pictures to:

Chalkboard Vinyl

Our chalkboard vinyl cannot be beat. We offer the highest quality and by leaps and bounds the best prices!  I absolutely love chalkboard vinyl.  It is as limitless as vinyl is.  We have helped so many customers create a clever restaurant special board, a shopping list in their kitchen, flowers and dinosaurs in their kids play room, and the list goes on and on.   The wonderful thing about The Wall Works is that we can turn whatever you would like into not only custom vinyl lettering but chalkboard vinyl.  We are able to upload your own pictures or custom ideas into our system and create them for you at no additional charge. Plus, we have all this done and a proof emailed to you within 48 hours.  We also have a in house custom design team that works exclusively designing custom decals and helping you fill the perfect space in a room, car, boat or wherever you can make something stick.  Chalkboard vinyl has so many uses and is so handy.  It is not permanent so if you change your mind on the location, no damage or repair is needed if you remove it.  Try our chalkboard vinyl today and we promise that you’ll be amazed.  As always, feel free to contact us at:

Enter to win $25.00 to anything on our site!

Here is a current review of a custom product as well as the rules and regulations on how to enter and hopefully win so great vinyl lettering and decals.  Best of Luck!!

The Perfect Wedding Gift – Glass Etching

We are in the peak of the wedding season and it seems like it becomes increasingly harder to find that perfect weeding gift. At The Wall Works we offer glass etching. Glass etching is placing a pre-spaced and pre-designed cut out of our vinyl lettering to a specific area. This can be placed on any glass surface. The most popular seem to be glasses, vases, business windows and doors, as well as my favorite the Pyrex baking pan. After you apply the vinyl lettering stencil you place a small amount of the “glue” that we include in your order. You let it dry and rinse it off. And that’s really how easy, quick, and simple glass etching is. Glass etching a newlyweds last name into a Pyrex dish adds such elegance and uniqueness to any wedding gift as well helping you save money.

You can etch any design or any quote or lettering into any glass area, it is not limited. We can create a custom image for you as well as upload one of your current designs. Contact our vinyl lettering custom design team at The Wall Works and we’ll be in contact with you within 24 hours.  As always, we offer the lowest prices in vinyl lettering and lead the industry with our cutting edge technology.

Matte vs. Glossy Vinyl – How to choose

At The Wall Works we offer a variety of colors and various finishes of vinyl. The different kinds of vinyl are matte and glossy.

The main difference between matte and glossy vinyl is the finish. If you’ve ever sent film in to be developed, you have the option of glossy or matte finish on your photographs. Compare those two finishes and you will get a pretty good idea of the differences in matte and glossy vinyl. Another comparison is black patent leather shoes versus regular black leather shoes. The patent leather is very smooth finish with a coat of gloss over the color. Glossy vinyl looks similar and also reflects the light in the same way as your patent leather shoes or your glossy photograph.  It is really a personal preference and both look great.

Matte vinyl has a textured finish and does not glare under lighting.

In order to choose the right vinyl for your particular project, you’ll need to get a feel for the difference personalities of matte and glossy vinyl:

Matte Vinyl

1. Does not glare when indoor light hits it.

2. Has a textured finish.

3. Has an adhesive that is easily removed, even after many years.

4. May not adhere well to certain types of textured walls or textured, unglazed tiles.

5. Outdoor durability is approximately 3 years.

6. Works great on mirrors, glass, most wall surfaces, painted or unfinished boards, and most tile.

Glossy Vinyl

1. Glares when indoor light hits it.

2. Has a smooth finish.

3. Has a more permanent adhesive that is harder to remove from walls. It may even pull paint off the wall after an extended period.

4. Has more colors available.

5. Adheres better to textured walls than matte vinyl.

6. Outdoor durability is approximately 4-8 years, depending on the brand and model number.

7. Works great on mirrors, glass, most wall surfaces, painted or unfinished boards, and tile.

If you still are unsure about which type of vinyl to use, contact us and we will be glad to assist you.